Mindful Eating

nixxphotographyCan you relate to any of the following?

Yo-yo or constant dieting
Preoccupation with what does/doesn’t enter your mouth
Belief that certain foods are “bad” or “off-limits”

If so, the Mindful Eating Workshop is for you.  Almost all of us could benefit from a healthier relationship with food.  If you are looking to be told what and how much to eat, then look elsewhere because this is not just another diet plan.  Rather, Mindful Eating will encourage you to think about and approach food and eating differently.  So many troubles with food stem from a lack of awareness about or detachment from what our bodies actually need.  We will discuss ways for you to become more present and in tune with your mind and body, not only as they relate to food but other aspects of life as well.  This increased awareness will translate into greater confidence to rely on your body’s signals to know exactly what it needs, and to make decisions accordingly.  If you are ready to start making positive changes towards a better relationship with food, please take the first step and join us for the Mindful Eating Workshop!

Next Mindful Eating Workshop: Monday, January 27 at 7:30pm.  Contact us to reserve your spot today!